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About Me:

I have been in the broadcast industry for over forty years working at the SABC covering news and actuality. I have now gone freelance and always felt there was a gap in the market in covering live Theatre in Durban.

Basically the idea is I film and edit two minute excerpts from current shows from opening night or during rehearsals and place these on this site. The links are then sent and freely available to all online "What's On" websites, Newspapers etc to embed on their web sites.

As I am shooting with broadcast gear in the P2 Pro format both eTV and SABC could be offered this footage for use on their arts programmes if requested by theatre directors.

I own all my own gear thus costs are kept to a minimum. Packages can be tailored to your budget.

I believe that this form of visual promotion will encourage patrons to come and see your production as well as a useful tool for further international promotion.

Clive Read cell 082 5705364













I will be posting a lot of shows from the 90's for those nostalgics as well as a record of all the material I am currently busy with.
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